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Why Do Shia Pray With Hands Down?


Why Do Shia Pray With Hands Down?


I have seen Shias celebrate the 22nd Rajab (the seventh Arabic lunar month) by making special cookies and sweet dishes, and by visiting each other.


The Shia school of thought believes that this verse suggests that the completion of religion was due to announcement of the Prophet’s immediate successor


Religion – a topic made so controversial, we avoid talking about it. We avoid sharing our own views and opinions on a particular religious aspect as most of us fear we will hurt the belief system of someone who practices different religious morals compared to ours. Shia-Sunni — two biggest sects in Islam.


Shia LaBeouf has opened up about his recent lifestyle choices, and continues


Shia LeBeouf was once one of the biggest movie stars in the world as the lead in the Transformers film franchise, but over the years he's taken a much more negative


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