8 окт 2018 ... Основное внимание в этой статье уделяется циклам в Ruby. В языке ... Loop; Until; While; Do – While; For; Each; Upto; Times. В этой ...


Оператор * преобразует array в список параметров, что позволяет существенно ..... Во-первых, был добавлен бесконечный цикл loop , чтобы сессия ...


Предыдущая часть - часть 6: условные операторы if…else, case, unless. Оператор while Выполняет код, пока условие истинно. Оператор while ...


В Ruby имеется комплект циклов на все случаи жизни. ... Красивый пример цикла until вы уже видели в главе «Первое .... data_m = Array.new(7) do |x|


Сортировка выбором (Selection sort) — алгоритм сортировки. Может быть как устойчивый, .... --инициализация массива случайными числами 12 end loop; 13 14 for i in list.first..list.last loop 15 l_min:=i; ... Ruby. 1 def selection_sort( array) 2 for min in 0..array.count-2 3 least = min 4 for j in (min + 1)..array.count-1 5 if ...


2) Variables 3) Functions 4) Conditions 5) Loops 6) Arrays 7) Arrays II 8) Objects 9) Objects II Ruby Course: 1) Ruby Intro 2) Variables 3) Methods 4) Conditions


1: PHP Любит знаки доллара 2: Python Любит пробелы 3: Ruby Любит ... array (3) { [0]=> NULL [1]=> NULL [2]=> NULL } .... break; // infinite loop prevent


The code in your question would work just as expected with Ruby 2.4. ... The example below is a robust capitalize version, that works in any ruby starting with 1.9 ...


mov bx, offset array mov cx, n for_i: dec cx xor dx, dx for_j: cmp dx, cx jae exit_for_j jbe no_swap mov ah, byte ptr bx[di] mov byte ptr bx[di], al mov byte ptr bx[si], ah no_swap: inc dx jmp for_j exit_for_j: loop for_i ..... Ruby[править]. arr = [ 5, 20, 3, ...


If the queue is empty, the calling thread is suspended until data is pushed onto the queue. If non_block is true, the thread isn't suspended, and ThreadError is ...


I am currently trying to create a ruby algorithm to execute the following: … Given array is text in the form of an array and has three manifests each titled Section No. 1, Section No. 2, Section No...


Ruby Loops - Learn Ruby in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Environment Setup, Syntax, Classes, Variables, Operators, Comments, If...else, case, unless, Loops, File, I/O, Functions, Objects, TK, Ranges, iterators, arrays, strings...


In Ruby the C-like for-loop is not in use. Instead of that people usually iterate over the elements of an array using the each method.


Looping through stuff is an important aspect of any programming language. In several of our previous tutorials, we explained in detail various loops including python for loop, for loops in c programming, loops in awk scripting, loops in bash shell scripting, etc.


$ ruby useful_loop.rb 1. The break keyword allows us to exit a loop at any point, so any code after a break


I'm trying to write a program that asks users to enter words, and then I want the words entered to be stored in an array which is later to be printed on the screen after they press the return key.


Loops are one of the first things you learn in programming. Here is a way to loop through multiple arrays in ruby.


Array indexing starts at 0, as in C or Java. A negative index is assumed to be relative to the end of the array—that is, an index of -1 indicates the last


A nested array is exactly as it sounds – an array with one or more arrays nested inside of it. Nested arrays are useful when storing things in multiple


Based on: Ruby 2 (2018). Ruby program that uses array #. An array of integers. values = Array[10, 20, 30, 40] #. Modify the first element. values[0] = 100 #.


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