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awesome freaking awesome cool Something that exceeds being great, very interesting or cool. Can also be spelled "freakin' awesome".


Meaning of “awesome” in the English Dictionary.


Awesome Meaning in Hindi | Awesome का अर्थ व प्रयोग [ Learn How...] 2. Other Meaning of Awesome in Hindi : विस्मयकारी (Vismaykaari).


2. Other Meaning of Awesome in Hindi : विस्मयकारी (Vismaykaari). In this context, Awesome has the same meaning as amazing. Awesome का मतलब / Example : The techniques used in the movie were awesome. : फिल्म में इस्तेमाल की जाने वाली तकनीकें बहुत विस्मयकारी थीं। 3. Other Translation of Awesome...


Hindi meaning of awesome. sarat bobby. Загрузка...


Awesome Meaning in Hindi. There are total 3 hindi meaning and definitions have been listed for the english word 'awesome'. Its first meaning is 'ग़ज़ब का' which can be transliterated into english as 'gazab ka'.


Its meaning in hindi language is “अद्भुत” or “बहुत बढ़िया”. The word is generally used to express a feeling of “never seen before” or “awe-inspiring”.


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