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JDBC (англ. Java DataBase Connectivity — соединение с базами данных на Java) — платформенно-независимый промышленный стандарт взаимодействия Java-приложений с различными СУБД, реализованный в виде пакета java.sql , входящего в состав Java SE. ... [показать]JDBC для Microsoft SQL Server.


Домен в реляционной модели данных — тип данных, то есть множество допустимых значений. Понятие типа данных является фундаментальным; ...


JOIN — оператор языка SQL, который является реализацией операции соединения реляционной алгебры. Входит в предложение FROM операторов ...


To drop an object, users must be the object's creator or be „admin“. .... or insert or delete or truncate a space named 'T' box.schema.user.grant('U','write','space' ...


В MySQL, тем не менее, выражение DROP TABLE автоматически .... aware that there are differences between both statements, for example TRUNCATE resets the .... 50 * FROM mytable WHERE mystuff=1 ORDER BY myid"; /* define SQL query */ ... For the PDO driver for the Firebird server, you have to explicitly disable ...


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7 окт 2017 ... нет репликации схемы/DDL; нет репликации сиквенсов; не реплицируется команда TRUNCATE. Тем не менее это все равно огромный ...


While interviewing SQL Server candidates I find that most are not aware of some of the basic differences between the SQL Server delete and truncate commands as well as whether these operations can be rolled back, so in this tip we will cover some of these aspects.


Key difference: Delete and Truncate are SQL commands, used to perform specific operations. These are different types of data languages.


In SQL Server there are a couple a ways you can delete rows from a table. You can use the TRUNCATE and DELETE command.


DELETE and TRUNCATE are the commands use to remove tuples from a relation, but they differ in many contexts. In SQL, DELETE command is a Data Manipulation Language command whereas


What is “Difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE statement in SQL Server” is most common question asked in the interview. I have observed that the answer of this question is varies based on experience and understanding of the SQL server. So in this article I am explaining the significant...


DELETE and TRUNCATE are two SQL commands used to remove records from a particular table. But they differ in how they execute and operate.


Learn: What is SQL- Delete command and SQL – Truncate command?


In a recent interview I was asked the difference between the two. I replied the general answere that all we know... The interviewer then asked if truncate can be rollbacked ? I replied no...


TRUNCATE is executed using a table lock and whole table is locked for remove all records. We cannot use Where clause with TRUNCATE.


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