В крайнем случае вы можете купить предыдущие утвержденные тесты LSAT на сайте LSAC, чтобы потренироваться, а также купить методички. Если вас все еще не ... PowerScore Live LSAT Preparation; Blueprint LSAT Preparation; Manhattan LSAT; Kaplan Test Prep; The Princeton Review LSAT; TestMasters.


Truth is, our methodology speaks for itself in the popularity and rave reviews of our courses and the LSAT Bibles (Testmasters offers no books, and our Bibles


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LSAT preparation - TestMasters covers all 3-4 categories of the exam.


This is the companion book to the "67 Actual LSATs" book above.


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LSAT Books.


Unlike store-bought books, TestMasters teaches students how to understand the concepts underlying the LSAT questions and prepares students by giving them an excellent strategy for answering them.


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